Goodbye and Hello!

Hello 😉

I moved this blog to a new site already, yeay! Please join me at

This blog started out of passion to share my travel stories and learnings as I wander around the world. Now, I’m changing this site because… it’s 2018. LOL.

Actually, I just thought that it’s cool to have a .com site.. so yeah..

Sorry it took a while for me to write this “farewell letter” post to as I was super busy with work lately and was too excited to post new articles at that I forgot to remind everyone here that I moved to my new site. Sorry again.

So far, I have 6 new articles at .. below are the articles you might be interested:


Central Europe: Travel Tips



Sydney Australia- Travel Tips and Itinerary




How to Apply for an Australian Visa


How to Apply Schengen Tourist Visa via French Embassy for Filipinos

tiger in paris


Why You Should Try Freediving

SSI Freediving.JPG

Why Skyroam WiFi is a Travel Essential



I hope you can still join me in my new website as I have more stories to tell and tips to share 🙂 Also, would love to hear from you because your comments and messages uplifts my soul and makes me happy.. it validates that I contribute to the travel community. 🙂 Thank you 😉

Let’s all inspire each other and keep traveling!



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