2016 Travel Wrap-up

2016 was a wonderful year full of travels and new friends.

This short clip is a wrap-up of my trips this year – 5 European countries, 2 Asian countries and 4 beautiful islands in the Philippines.

Making this video took me back to the places I’ve been. 🙂 It’s still so surreal that I finally made it to my dream destination- Europe. Travelling solo in the other side of the world was truly an unforgettable experience. Going to Hong Kong and Taiwan with friends was very memorable. And of course, visiting the islands of my beloved country was amazing.

These trips are not just about the places I’ve been but it’s the people I met along the way that made my journey worthwhile. So I would like to thank all my couchsurfers, hosts, strangers and friends who made my trips fun and exciting 🙂

Tigerwanders’ 2016 Travel Wrap-up from Carla Feria on Vimeo.


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