Dream Trip: Europe for Less than PHP100,000

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Below is the direct link for this article:

Dream Trip: Europe for Less than PHP100,000

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9 thoughts on “Dream Trip: Europe for Less than PHP100,000

  1. Hi, Carla! Im glad I chanced upon your article! I just love your piece! It helped me open my eyes to the wonderful possibility that I can visit Europe at a budget! Will definitely keep your article as a reference! Thank you!

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    1. Hi MaCherie, thank you for your sweet words 🙂 I actually created this post to encourage and inspire people to travel and not be afraid of going to places even with a limited budget..thank you for validating it 🙂 I believe you can go to EU without spending much too 🙂 safe travels!


  2. im glad i came across youre article, the problem with going to it is getting visa i was not given once due to my itinerary good enough i didinot buy a ticket yet so the only waste is visa, did u use an agency, where did you file your visa


    1. Hi Filipina, Fiesta Tours Agency help me process my Schengen Visa. They made sure that all documents are correct and complete before I submit it to to the Embassy.


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